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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back into it

I have had a superb break these last 2 weeks and tomorrow will be back at it. I thought I would be quite mentally fatigued from such a big campaign in Europe (4 half iron distance and 1 ironman in 2 months) but actually I am mentally in very good shape, feeling very enthusiastic and sprightly for the rest of the season. That is the way to tell, last year when I took a break I ended up taking 3-4 weeks off and struggled with my enthusiasm to want to get back into training, I think this was as I was struggling so much with the sinus problems last year and it really took it's toll and now that is behind me I feel so much better. And physically the break of course always does wonders for the body, it will always be hard getting back into the training again but I always find my form bounces back pretty fast with only 2 weeks off and I can feel the effects of the rest in the months down the track.

So after making the very long trip back to NZ we got down to celebrating Benji's 3rd birthday and it was great to have my Mum and Dad come up for several days. The only down side of my time off was I ended up getting quite a nasty cut to my fingers. I was helping Brett do some renovations and was helping lift an old brick and tile fire place into the trailer to take to the dump. Clearly I should have worn gloves. I cut myself straight across my fingers (on the palm side) very deep and had to go to the hospital to get stitched up. I nearly fainted with all the blood, it was very disgusting. It has been annoying being one handed this week, so many things I just couldn't do, write, tie my shoes, tie my hair, cut anything up in the kitchen etc etc, but really I timed this very well indeed as I had no swimming or biking to do. I will take my stitches out in a few more days. It is still painful with any pressure so I am a little worried as to how I will brake with my right hand as this hand does my front brake and my back brake really doesn't work all that well with my training wheels. I think I will try to stay to the flat as much as possible!

I also have been lucky enough to pick up another super sponsor. Sweet Cheeks are a New Zealand company, the makers of natural anti-chaffing cream which they call butt butter! I bought their products when I was living down in Wanaka and was very impressed. When I was in Europe I ran out of butt butter and tried to find a similar product, but could't find anything that worked as well as Sweet Cheeks and so I emailed them to buy some more product and that is how the sponsorship relationship formed. Now I find out they also make 2 other wonderful products Hot Cheeks (massage cream for sore muscles), obviously I need that! and it will be very useful to me and Healing balm which with my finger situation is getting plenty of use at the moment! All their products are completely natural, no chemicals whatsoever which is what I love and what drew me to their products. They also have a new website in which you can now order online so please check it out on my link above.

So it is not too long until my next race (5 weeks). I am going back to Metaman Bintan Originally this wasn't on my schedule for 2014 but I just kept thinking about it over and over and it was really getting to me that I wasn't racing it again. I took part in the race last year placing second and absolutely loved the whole experience. The Metasport team really looked after all of us so well and the location is just absolutely idyllic. I love the heat and humidity and the course suits me very, very well with the non wetsuit swim, the challenging undulating bike course and then the heat that I tend to do well in, that really I just can't resist going back. I do struggle with the fact I travel to Bintan alone and tend to get very lonely without Benny, but I'll just have to suck it up, it's only 5 or 6 days that I will be away. This time though I will make sure to have bar tape on my handlebars! (Last year I forgot and struggled to ride my bike around corners etc with slippery hands in the humidity!). After Metaman I will race Ironman 70.3 Sunshine Coast in September where I will go back as defending champion and then in October it will be Ironman Hawaii time!!